"A Cherry Blossom-colored Beginning" is the first section of the first episode of the Sakura Trick anime series. This episode introduces the main characters of the show, and marks the beginning of Haruka and Yuu's relationship.

A Cherry Blossom-colored Beginning
桜色のはじまリ Sakura-iro no Hajimari
Sakura Trick Ep 1-A Title
Screenplay Kōsuke Takeda
Storyboard Kenichi Ishigura
Staging Naoki Murata
Animation Director/s Hirofumi Morimoto, Yōichi Ishikawa
Chief Animation Director/s Kyuta Sakai
Air Date
Japanese January 9, 2014
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Plot Edit

Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda are two best friends who are just starting high school together. However, as the school year starts and the two starting making new friends, Haruka worries that her friendship with Yuu will stop being special. After Yuu suggests that the two of them do something that is unique to them, Haruka suggests they start kissing each other in secret as proof of their special friendship.

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