Haruka Takayama
高山 春香 Takayama Haruka
Haruka takayama 56875
Age 12-13
Birthday agustus 21th, lion (correct birthdate-Refer to Chapter 1.5 of the manga)
Gender Female Female

Haruka Tomatsu (Japanese)
Erica Mendez (English)

Manga Chapter 1
Anime A Cherry Blossom-colored Beginning
Haruka Takayama (高山 春香 Takayama Haruka?) is one of the lead characters of Sakura Trick.

Appearance Edit

Haruka is quite tall for her age. She has shoulder-length pinkish-red hair. She wears a pink-tinted white bow on the side of her head. She has ruby-red eyes that often seem relaxed. She wears the standard uniform: a red tie, a plain white (cololared) button-up shirt, blue and green plaid skirt, and the green coat which she usually leaves un-buttoned. To go along with the standard uniform, she wears black knee-length socks and white sneakers with a red x on the sides. She has D-cup sized breasts, according to Yuzu and Kaede, who point that fact out (although Yuu thinks they are C-cup).

Personality Edit

Haruka has been Yuu's closest friend/girlfriend since middle school, and gets jealous when she sees her getting along with other girls in the class. Haruka is, in Yuu's own words, the "extremely jealous type." She also finds amusement in teasing Yuu, who in return gets flustered or mildly annoyed. 

Haruka is usually the one initiating the kisses that she and Yuu share throughout the series. Even though she is forward with her feelings, she gets extremely embarrassed or shy when Yuu does or says things that she believes to be cute or affectionate. Haruka is the opposite of Yuu in a way, being the calmer and more tender individual. She is usually less concerned about her surroundings than Yuu is. However, she is more insecure about how she would get along with other people. Yuu provides emotional and verbal support for her shy nature.

Background Edit

Haruka is the only child in her family. In middle school, she was always alone until she met Yuu, who befriends her and introduces her to more friends. Since then they have become inseparable friends and potential lovers.


  • Haruka shares her given name with her voice actress, but in different kanji.

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