Kaede Ikeno
池野 楓 Ikeno Kaede
Age 15-16
Birthday February 2nd, Aquarius
Gender Female Female

Mai Fuchigami

Manga Chapter 1
Anime A Cherry Blossom-colored Beginning

Kaede Ikeno (池野 楓 Ikeno Kaede?) is a secondary main character of Sakura Trick. She is the class representative of Haruka and Yuu's class. In the manga, she became the vice president of student council during her second year. 

Appearance Edit

Kaede has black hair and sports a short bob cut. She has gold-coloured eyes.

Kaede is flat chested, a fact she is very self-conscious about.

Personality Edit

Kaede is normally calm and reserved, but also has quite a mischievous side and enjoys playing pranks on her friends. She has a dry, sarcastic sense of humour. She is quite perceptive and correctly deduced Haruka and Yuu's relationship is more than just normal friendship. She has great reverence toward Mitsuki and Rina, both her senpai and student council leaders. She is visibly upset when they graduate.

Background Edit

Kaede went to the same middle school with Yuzu and Kotone, and is particularly close to Yuzu. She has a younger brother and a younger sister.

Chronology Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Voiced by Mai Fuchigami.
  • Her name, Kaede (枫), means maple tree in Japanese.
  • Her symbol is a maple leaf, per her namesake.

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