Kotone Noda
野田 コトネ Noda Kotone
Kotone noda 56877
Age 15-16
Birthday January 3rd, Capricorn
Gender Female Female

Yuka Aisaka

Manga Chapter 1
Anime A Cherry Blossom-colored Beginning
Kotone Noda (野田 コトネ Noda Kotone) is a secondary main character in Sakura Trick. She is Haruka and Yuu's classmate and Shizuku's cousin.  


Kotone has long, blonde hair worn loose and amber eyes. Her skin is fair and she is the tallest of the cast and is well developed. She wears the standard uniform of a red tie, a plain white (collared) button-up shirt, and a blue and green plaid skirt. She is more often seen also wearing a beige sweater vest outside than the dark green suit jacket.

Personality Edit

Kotone is a very cheerful and energetic girl who likes to have fun and enjoy her high school life at its fullest. She always has a big smile on her face and a bright, positive attitude to go with it. She likes to tease her friends, but is also kind and caring.

Kotone is particularly close with Shizuku Minami, whom she lives with, and harbours romantic feelings towards her. In fact, the only time Kotone seems upset is when Shinobu tries to force her to go back to her original home. She is usually the one who initiates the kisses and is very flirty. While entirely devoted to Shizuku, she loves to flirt with and tease other girls.


Kotone comes from a very rich family and has a little sister, Shinobu. She also has an arranged fiancée. She attends the same middle school as Kaede and Yuzu. At some point before the series, she moves into the Minami household despite strong opposition from her family and its implied to be for "convience".


Shizuku - She's known her since they were children and they were always very close. She loves teasing her but remains faithful, and its believed that her love for her cousin is why she left home to escape her arranged marriage.

Shinobu - Shinobu dislikes Shizuku strongly and tries to get Kotone to leave her due to jealousy.

Naruko - Kotone's older sister who she is shown to look up to and get along with. She strongly resembles Kotone.

Sora Morishima - Kotone's fiance, a girl who looks suspicious a lot like a young man. She was originally in love with Kotone's older sister, and because of Kotone's similarity in appearance she agreed to their arranged marriage, but she eventually calls off the wedding to spare Kotone knowing how unhappy she was.



  • Her symbol is a gold star.



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