Yuzu Īzuka
飯塚 ゆず Īzuka Yuzu
Age 15-16
Birthday September 27th, Libra
Gender Female Female

Megumi Toda

Manga Chapter 1
Anime A Cherry Blossom-colored Beginning

Yuzu Īzuka (飯塚 ゆず?) is one of the secondary main characters of the Sakura Trick series.

Appearance Edit

Yuzu has brown hair and brown eyes. Her most noticeable features are the two ahoges that sticks out on her head, resembling the fruit of which she is named after.

Personality Edit

Yuzu is a bit of a tomboy and has a down-to-earth, no-nonsense personality. She can be fiercely competitive and doesn't mind speaking out what's on her mind. She is completely oblivious of Haruka and Yuu's relationship.

Yuzu's favourite food is yakisoba bread. She is very atheletic and a good street dancer.

Background Edit

Yuzu attends the same middle school as Kaede and Kotone. She is particularly close to Kaede.

Chronology Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Voiced by Megumi Toda
  • Her name, Yuzu (ユズ/柚), is the Japanese word for a kind of citrus fruit.
  • She is often mistakenly called Mikan (蜜柑) by Mitsuki.
  • Her symbol is a yuzu fruit, per her namesake.

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